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Reconciling Sample

Reconciling to your bank statement - Account view

The method the register reconciles seems to be different from other appware.
In this method you enter the statement balance, check for the differences from your
        records versus the statement, then look for any differences.

In the example below we will be using a register containing a Duplicate Entry and a Future item not on the current statement. The current statement only having a balance of $50.00.

In the above snapshot $50 has been entered as the current statement balance and we have
checked off the items currently on my statement.
Currently there is an out of balance difference of $1,030.00.

Here the first adjustment is made (clicking on the second column check box) having found a duplicate entry which will now show in the Adjustments total with the Difference reflecting the change.

Here the second adjustment is made, after finding the payroll item is not on the current statement. This adjustment is also added to adjustment total and now the new Difference is 0. Meaning the register has been balanced to the current statement.

Having found the differences in entries, The Duplicate Entry can be removed and the register can be bookmarked the last entry that I have reconciled too.

From here you can leave the adjustment mark on the Future item or Uncheck it for the next time you reconcile. Removing the adjustment mark will change your adjustment and difference, but you already know the register is in balance.

NOTE: The Adjusted total and Adjustment checkmarks you make here do not reflect on the actual register balance. This is for reference/reconciling only. When you exit (Hide Tools) the register will show the current balance of all entries. To make your adjustment permanent, you must remove any entries done in error.

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