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Unlocked Feature - Reconciling Tools

Reconciling to your bank statement - Account view

Reconcile Tools are accessed by clicking on the Reconcile Tools button.

Reconcile Tools add a Checkoff Column and an Adjustment Column to the left of the Transaction Table. As well as Statement Balance field to enter your current Bank Statement Balance, the associated Account Projected Balance, Adjustment Total, and the Amount Difference.

Clicking on a Checkoff Box acts as a marker for you to indicate which Transactions should be on the Register, while clicking on the (X) Adjustment box signifies a Transaction that should not be recorded at this time or is currently on the Register in error. Marking a Transaction as an adjustment rebalances the Account without the selected Transaction and will update the amounts in the Adjustments and Difference Fields.

When the Difference between your Bank Statement Balance and Projected Balance is zero, you have reconciled your register. You should delete any adjustment transactions that were made in error at this time.

Clicking on the Clear Checkmarks Button or Clear Adjustments Button will clear any checks or adjustments currently on the register.

New Bookmark feature added. Bookmark an entry to mark the last transaction reconciled too and to save prior entries checkmarks. Bookmark a selected entry by using the new Bookmark Button. To move the bookmark, select the desired entry and click the Bookmark button again.

Clicking on the Hide Tools Button returns the Transaction Table to its normal view.

A Reconcile Sample can be found here.

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