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Unlocked Feature - subaccounts

subaccount view

Made available by checking the Use Subaccounts option in the Add Account popup window or the Edit Account popup window.

This option allows you to add Accounts within a Deposit Account to help budget or track funds. An Account and Subaccount Switch will appear above the Accounts List if the Account selected has been given this option.

Clicking the Subaccounts Button will diplay the Subaccount List. Left index list will display all the Subaccounts recorded for the selected Account from the Account View. While the table on the right displays all the Transactions recorded for the selected Subaccount.

By Default all Transactions entered on the Account View are recorded in the "principleAcct" Subaccount.

Adding a subaccount

Pressing on the Add Subaccount Button adds a new Subaccount to the register.

editing a subAccount

Double click on the Subaccount name to edit the name.

removing a subAccount

Pressing the Remove Subaccount deletes the Account and ALL TRANSACTIONS recorded on the Subaccount.

Sorting subaccounts and transactions

In Account View, when an Account selected has multiple Subaccounts, a column will be added to the transaction table showing which Subaccount the transaction is related to. Clicking on a Transaction Subaccount will display all related Subaccounts in a popup menu.

Selecting a subaccount from this popup menu will move the selected transaction to the chosen Subaccount.

In Subaccount View you can also move a transaction between the two Subaccounts by dragging the selected Transaction(s) from the Transaction Table and dropping them on another Subaccount recorded within the Subaccount List.

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