Help Guide

The basic register

The left index lists the Accounts recorded on the register. Showing the Balance of each Account for Transactions which have settled and the Projected Total which includes entries that are future dated.

While the table on the right shows all Transactions recorded for the selected Account.

The use of Subaccounts, Reconcile Tools, and Filter/Search tools are available in the Unlocked and Purchased App. These functions are explained under Unlocked Features.

account view - deposit account

For Deposit Accounts the Transaction entries include the Deposit and Withdraw fields with the Balance indicated in black for a positive balance.

account view - credit account

For Credit Accounts the transaction entries include the Charge and Payments fields with the Balance indicated in red for the amount owed.

The Credit Limit and Available Credit are displayed above the account list if the Creditline Limit is set.

Re-ordering the Register

Click on a Transaction Column Header to reorder the Transaction Table by that column. In the example above the table is sorted by Charge amount.

Clicking on the Reset Sorting Button returns the Transaction Table to the default Date Sort.

re-positioning Transaction Columns

Clicking on a Transaction Column Header and dragging the Column Left or Right will re-position the column where it is dropped

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