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Unlocked Feature - Transaction History

Viewing the History List of the selected transaction

The History List is accessed by clicking on the button with the icon of a List.

The History List displays a list of Transactions related to the selected Transaction in the register and will display a Total Sum of the History List.

The register uses the Names from the Payee List to check against all other Transactions in the current Transaction Table, displaying any Transactions containing the Payee Name within the History List. In the example above: Any Transaction containing the word "Juice" will be displayed in the History List. If the current selected Transaction is not listed in the Payee List then the full Name Value is used to find matching Transactions.

Payees are added to the Payee List everytime a Transaction Name is manually entered for a Transaction. You can view the current list of Payee Names by clicking the double arrow button on the right of a Transaction Name.

Note: A Payee Name will be removed from the Payee List when the last associated Transaction is removed from the register.

Clicking on the History List Button again, will close the History List Window.

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