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Adding transactions

Clicking on the Add Entry button will add an entry to the register.

Direct from online banking

Please check the Online Banking Example page to see if your Online Banking Transaction List is similar to the examples shown in order to use this option properly. Otherwise proceed to Importing QIF Files.

Select and highlight all the transactions you wish to copy. Then drag and drop the selection directly on to the Register.

You can also copy the selected transactions using the Web Browsers Edit>Copy function and use the Register’s Edit>Paste Entry function to paste the transactions.

Importing csv and qif files

Most if not all Online Banking sites allow downloading of transaction history from their website for your convenience. Please check their help page on instructions on this process.

CSV and QIF files should be a transaction list only. Locate the downloaded CSV or QIF file then drag and drop the downloaded file on to the register to add the new transactions to the register.

Editing transactions

Double clicking on the text fields above allow editing of the transaction Date, Check Number, Transaction Name, Withdraw or Deposit amount, and Transaction Memo.

Payee List

Whenever an entry is recorded to the register, the Payee Name is added to the Register Payee List accessed by pressing the double arrow on the right side of the Transaction Name.

The register will attempt to auto complete against this Payee List whenever a Transaction Name is entered.


All Accounts added to the register are also added to the Payee Name List accessed by pressing the double arrow on the right side of the Transaction Name.

Entering an Account or selecting any of these Account Names proceeded with a “@” symbol from the Payee List will create a matching transfer/payment to the related Account.

removing transactions

Clicking on the Remove Entry Button removes the selected Transaction(s) as well as any Transfer-payment related to the entry. If this is the last Transaction Name associated with the Payee List, the Transaction Name will also be removed from the Payee List.

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